I Want to Be Green

Nope, this post isn’t about recycling!

I do think recycling is important. As my friend BoBo’s (yes she’s a real person) husband always says, “It’s the least we can do!”

But this header is what my youngest, Ella, yelled out in her dream last night. It was so random, the closest I can figure is that she was either fighting with Gecko from PJ Masks about who got to be green or with Rocky from Paw Patrol. At least once a night she’ll either yell something random or laugh so hysterically that I can’t help but laugh as well.

Nighttime as a parent is always a challenge regardless of their age. At 9 and 3 years old, we are over the worst of the night wake ups. But at 9 and 3 we are in a new phase, of having to go pee (the downside of toilet training), being thirsty and just plain scared of the dark corners of their room. With night lights lining our hallways and in every electrical outlet, there really isn’t any dark areas left at night, but there is always something lurking in a slightly open closet or a bedroom door that isn’t fully touching the wall.  As much as it may sound like I’m complaining, these are the joys of parenthood that I wouldn’t give up for anything. At some point in the night both girls end up in our bed, and as I lie there maneuvering for a comfortable position between them and the cat, I inevitably find myself cuddling to the ones closest to me knowing that the years where they run into our room to feel safe from the things that go bump in the night won’t last forever!

Now, I’m going to go check in on the littles and settle in for the night myself with a good book and a cup of tea.

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