Power Outages!

Power is back on! It’s crazy how much losing electricity slaps you in the face.  We lost power for about 2 hours today after a rain and wind storm swooped in out of nowhere.

The kids took it pretty well. At least they did until they had to go to the bathroom by candlelight and on the heels of my oldest “accidentally” watching a video about bloody Mary.  Youtube was not her friend last night. You have never seen a kid do her business so fast.

It was so nice to actually watch them play together! It was a wonderful 2 hours. I actually had time to read, but did I? Nope, instead I finally finished up the matching mitten so that my daughter could have a proper pair for winter. When that project was complete, did I read? Nope, I actually cleaned the stove and washed the floor. The kids even fought with each other to help me. Is this what lack of electricity does to people? They actually do the things they’ve been procrastinating doing? After all this was done, did i read? Nope! The book In the Unlikely Event, is my newly formed Book Club’s first read and it’s been dogging me since the summer. I’ve been carrying it around all day with the intention of getting in a few chapters before evening. But alas, evening is here and I haven’t even cracked it open. But TONIGHT is the night! I will get a good chunk of it read! How can I say that with such certainty, you ask? As I type this post, my youngest has fallen asleep leaning on my arm watching me type. An early night for her means free time for mama!

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