Pickles Anyone?

One of my favourite things about this time of year is when my parents get ready for winter with jarring tomatoes and best of all the pickling of all kinds of veggies. (Pictured above is beets combined with red cabbage.)

I LOVE anything pickled, except for pickles. Which is strange because I enjoy cucumbers and all things pickled, but not pickled cucumbers. I’m quite a complicated lady!

A few years ago I asked my parents to show me how the process worked. I wanted a pantry full of pickled vegetables at my fingertips. Now the whole process of jarring fruits and vegetables, making jams and butters is how I get ready to “hibernate” for winter. It always hits me how these skills have been passed on from generation to generation and in a small way their legacy lives on every time we pass on these skills. Whoa, that got deep pretty quick.

In case you want to give it a go, here’s what to do. You don’t need a lot to get started just some basic ingredients and a jar.

What You Will Need:

-White Vinegar
-Mason Jars
-Mason Jar Lids
-Your Favourite Vegetable(s)

What To Do

-Chop your vegetable into bite size pieces
-Mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a pot and add the veggies (make sure you have enough liquid to cover the vegetables)
-Bring to a rolling boil until vegetables are slightly tender (if you making carrots, beets, beans, etc. you want to make sure they will still have a little crunch to them so don’t soften them too much)
-Once cooled you can scoop out the vegetables into a mason jar, then poor the liquid from the pot in the jar (make sure the liquid covers the vegetables)
-Optional: I usually will add a peeled clove of garlic or two. It adds a nice layer of flavour.

*Note: I find that certain vegetables like eggplant, onions and green tomatoes don’t need to be boiled ahead of time. Just slice up the vegetables and put them in a jar then add the water/white vinegar mixture.




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