Mama on the Move!

A day in the life of me!
16,660 steps today. The three 6s in a row is kinda weirding me out! Especially this close to Halloween. Clearly, I’m easily spooked!

I’m just back to wearing my FitBit after a good break. It never ceases to amaze me how many steps I can collect in a day without doing an official workout.

Today was an average day. I took a little walk at lunch and walked to the train from my office (which is a good 20 minute walk) after work, but nothing out of the ordinary. If only I had the energy for a cardio workout, my steps would be through the roof!

I keep track of my steps because I find that when I’m wearing the tracker I will make the choice to walk whenever I can. My only exception is taking the stairs. I live on the third floor of a walk up and most days my toddler requests a ride to the top of the three flights! So, I feel like I’ve earned a bye on any other stairs I encounter throughout my day.

I’m thinking I may even invite some friends to a work week hustle next week just keep things interesting. I compare the work week hustle to fantasy football. I’m constantly checking to see how other people in my group are doing and constantly making sure I’m on the move in order to win! Yeah, I might just be a tad on the competitive side!


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