A House Hunting We Will Go…

Oh my what a crazy week! My husband and I have been leisurely looking at houses since August. We currently live in a two-bedroom walk-up. And when I say walk-up, I’m not kidding. We live on the third floor and we have to walk up 3 flights of stairs to get to our place. We’ve been needing more space for quite awhile. But I’m like a boulder and I’m not easily moved. But my oldest has been wanting her own room for a while now. And lately it really feels like we’re about to bust at the seams. Earlier this week our casual approach to house hunting took a turn when all of a sudden a house in our area (we want to keep the kids in their school) came within reach for us. We looked at a couple of other houses, but unless the owners decided to dramatically reduce the price, it just wasn’t going to happen. My husband and I got our pre-approval and as we searched for our new home we had put this place out of our minds. Then as we were looking around, it turned out this little house was still available. We talked to our agent (best agent of all time) and we hummed and hawed and we decided to try an offer. EEEEEEK, I was freaking out! So, after a few rounds back and forth on terms and pricing…Thursday night at almost midnight our offer was accepted! Double EEEEEEK…. We had to move to get our current place ready to list and move we did. My husband and I are wrecked from all the de-cluttering we’ve had to do. We have no idea how on earth we were able to cram so much stuff into one little space. As we were cleaning and getting rid of stuff it hit me that we’re leaving the wonderful, albeit small, place we’ve called home for the last 11 years. It is going to be an ugly cry kind of day when we actually move out!

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