Embracing the Chaos?

This last week has literally been chaos. Up until this point I thought we were doing a pretty good job at embracing our daily mayhem. This week, just getting everyone out the door anyway near on time has been a challenge. We’ve had meltdowns over pants feeling funny and toddlers wanting baths as we need to head out the door and everything in between. As you know, an offer we put on a house was accepted, and now we are pushing hard to list our current place. Add in the emotions of potentially leaving our first home, the only home my girls have known. And you have one mama who is a mess! If everything works out it will be a good move, and that’s what’s keeping me going.

Since last Saturday, our whole place has been in transition from being our home to a staged property. As we’ve been prepping our home to be listed, my husband and I have been talking about this whole idea of staging a property for sale. How it’s perpetuating the idea of perfection and is nothing but a facade. The idea that if we can get our place to look perfect, and not really lived in, it will sell faster and for top dollar. I understand the idea of depersonalizing and de-cluttering, but then we started to question do we replace the floors? Do we paint? Do we get all stainless steal appliances? It seems crazy that we have to recreate someone else’s idea of a dream home in order to sell! After a lot of thought, we decided to paint (we were due for a fresh coat in the next year anyways) and we are getting our carpets professionally cleaned. I’ve realized that I don’t mind dealing with chaotic times in our daily life, but I don’t think I can live in a home that is constantly in disarray. Our house is never the neatest on the block, but right now it looks like a tornado has blown right through it.

After swimming lessons today I brought the girls to my parent’s house to get a break from the mess. I’m so glad we did! We ended up helping my parents make tarali (a traditional Italian pretzel). I deliberately didn’t bring any iPads or tech. We all needed to unplug and chill out. Turns out making the tarali was exactly what we needed. In the middle of baking, I look over at my oldest having a good old time making a happy face with the tarali she just finished rolling. That alone made my entire day!

I guess my takeaway after this hectic and exhausting week…is that when times are stressful, find a place where you can go, be it a coffee shop, shopping, a friend’s place, hanging with family, or simply going for a walk. Find a way to take a breather and regenerate!

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