Happy Mother’s Day

Sometimes I still can’t believe that I’m the mama of two awesome kiddos. Most days I still feel like a kid myself! But my girls make my world go round. When they are at their worst and at their best and everything in between, they make me proud to be their mama!

Today was great in so many small ways, coffee and toast (my fave breakfast) on the backyard deck, a quick visit to Michaels with my mom, a power walk with my sister and homemade pizza (made by the hubs) for dinner. I couldn’t have asked for anything more! The girls still had their moments where they had tantrums or mood swings, but that is all part of being their mom!

The best advice that my mom gave me was years ago before I was even a mom or met my husband. I must have been in my mid 20s and our old dog Rusty was sick with epilepsy. I was beside myself the first time I witnessed him have a seizure. As I was panicked and sad that he had to deal with this health issue, I noticed that my mom was calm. I asked her how did she manage to keep her cool. She said simply that she had to be there for him. That is wasn’t about her fear or her sadness it was all about helping him! I try to remember that advice from years ago (She still needs to remind me of this every now and again J) when the girls are entering a new phase or are dealing with their own issues, be it friends or otherwise!

Most days I’m really just winging mommyhood, and the rest of the days I lean on the advice from my mother and all my mom friends.  I know one thing for sure we all do the best we can and hope that our kids are healthy and happy!

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